Objectives: What place Organic PhotoVoltaics?

 OPV installations to be visited

International Summer School FOREverOPV & official Opening of the first world building integrated OPV

This summer school comes during an exciting period of rapid development for solar energy technologies, and particularly photovoltaics.

Aimed at PhD and Master students, young reasearchers, but also open to those wishing to know more about the fundamental and applied science of this foremost renewable energy resource, this school will cover the following topics at the highest international level:

-       Overview of renewable energies

-       Overview of silicon and thin films technologies

-       Basic physical principles of photovoltaics (inorganic, perovskites, organic…)

-       The latest results in the emerging PV technologies (DSSC, perovskites…)

-       The fundamentals and applied aspects of organic photovoltaics (OPV)

-       Characterisations applied to OPV to assess charge transport and morphology

-       Stability and OPV

-       Device architectures and processing for OPV

-       Fundamental modelling of materials and device for OPV

-       Building integration and real scale OPV applications


All lectures, tutorials, communications, abstracts will be in english.

Lectures and tutorials will last 1h15 plus 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

Depending on school schedule and finalisation of outlines between the lecturers, some lectures could be reduced to 45 min plus 15 minutes for questions/discussion.

Attendees can submit an abstract to give an oral presentation (10 min) upon acceptance by the scientific committee. Poster sessions will also be organised to give the opportunity to attendees to present their work.

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